Making Sure To Improve Search Results Through Google Pigeon Update

From time to time, Google search engine has been actively involved in improving the user experience in search results. Millions of people use Google every day to find something of their interest in the internet. For this, they use keywords or phrases for which the search engine throws up results. Much stress has been laid upon the use of proper search engine optimisation techniques by websites, so that there is relevant and quality results displayed on the pages.

  • Regular changes and updates being brought in by Google to keep up good quality search results

In the previous years, Google Panda and Google Penguin had been the major changes in search algorithms by Google. Besides, a number of minor changes have been done on a regular basis. The purpose of these changes has been further reiterated with Google Pigeon update, which means that visitors through the search engines will be able to find the relevant sites, rather than hitting on spam sites. The search results are going to be more accurate and closer to the traditional way of using the search engines.

  • Major changes of Pigeon update necessary for local business site optimisation

Since Google Pigeon update is the most recent change in the algorithm, it will take some time for the websites to become conversant with the new rules. Most of these changes are to be done for local search results, thereby having an impact on the local businesses, which were depending on Google for clients to find them. There will be more stress on keywords with local names, page quality having local business listing and domain names. Fewer location based results will be on display, selecting those sites with better SEO features for local business.

  • Webmasters need to become cautious about the manner in which optimisation has to be carried out

Most of the methods of local search optimisation will now be required by the webmasters to improve their visibility in search engine pages. It is therefore necessary for business sites to improve their local optimisation and take necessary steps to improve their listings. As the update has been recently launched, further guidelines can be awaited from Google. But, most websites now need to focus of quality link building and optimisation signals for complying with the new directives, so as to be counted as portals with Pigeon updates. Such steps need to be taken up at the earliest, if local business sites are to improve their rankings in search engines, as well as in Google maps results.

Incorporating Features of HTTPS for Better Benefits of Ranking among Web Pages of Google

Every now and then, top search engine in online world, Google, has been making efforts in the direction of user friendly portals. Not only have there been changes in the field of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, but web browsing is being upgraded to more secure systems. Google being the most frequently utilized search engine promises to have great user experience, when using their platforms and hence is ensuring that other websites also incorporate the advanced features.

  • Present directives of search engine for web portals

As of the most recent announcement, although Google wants the websites to have SSL or Secure Sockets Layer encryption in their portals, the necessity has not been made mandatory. Addition of SSL certificate to a site converts the HTTP script into HTTPS, so that the security of the site is enhanced. It means that clients are communicating directly with the servers when they browse a portal and make sure that no third party, besides the server and client, is able to see the communication. As a result of such encryption, the site become safe from being hacked or information cannot be easily breached.

  • Features observed with portals having HTTPS

A few features are observed by clients when the sites being browsed have HTTPS certification. In browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer, there is a padlock sign near the address bar, informing the visitors that a particular site is secure and has SSL certification. For many online transactions being offers through portals, such a certification is quite necessary. Another feature observed with HTTPS encryption is the use of letters https at the beginning of a particular URL. This shows that the site has been converted into HTTPS from HTTP.

  • Enhancing security through SSL certification

More and more websites are trying now to get the certification and show Google that there is a change from HTTP to HTTPS, also ensuring visitors about the security of these portals. The search engine is presently stressing on such a change, which would help in improving the rankings as crawlers are being designed to identify such certifications. The 2084-bit key certification is currently being used for SSL.

  • Advantages to be realized in the long run

Webmasters need to start using these methods of encryption as detailed by Google, because in the long run, such changes are going to benefit them. Presently though, such an encryption is not going to affect the optimization profile of sites, which should therefore not be a matter of panic. The earlier things are settled according to Google’s directive, it would be an advantage for the portal’s traffic.